A 5,500-square-foot Event Center at Powder Mountain Ski area in Eden, UT at 8,900’ elevation. Prefabricated modules joining the two timber rotundas were delivered to site fully finished, enabling construction in just five months.

Our Part

  • Two irregular dodecahedral (12 sided) timber structures with 30’ clear span conical roofs

  • All engineered timber joinery consists of custom fabricated knife plate style connections

  • 68 sheets steel shop drawings, approx. 300 custom steel shapes

  • 2 HDG steel 6’ 6” diameter compression rings

  • 2,000 plus bolt sets

  • 145 timbers, comprising over 9,000 board feet
  • Design Loading Criteria

  • Roof snow load (yurt roofs): 217 PSF

  • Wind: 90 MPH, Exposure C

  • Seismic Design Category D

  • Seismic Site Class D
  • Project Partners

  • ARCHITECT - Skylab Architecture
  • ENGINEER - Quantum Consulting Engineers
  • Method Homes
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