Technology, craft, and collaboration, applied


“Cascade brings a kind of this calm to any meeting. They show their deep and broad knowledge and their passion in a way that makes them very easy to work with. They have good ideas and they know how to think in a budget minded way. They understand scheduling and they know how to communicate the challenges in a way that everyone can understand.”
– Sharen Borgias, Fairbank Construction

“The quality of their work is fantastic. It’s clean, it comes out right, and if there are issues, they deal with it in a cooperative and collaborative way. And they’re great people. After having been in this business for 30 plus years, being good people is almost as important or even more important than any other aspect of working together.”
— Scott White, Krekow Jennings


“We’ve worked with Cascade Joinery for many years. They are the perfect fit for clients that want the highest level of craftsmanship, the finest materials, and a company that will stand behind their work. They deliver on what they promise with both their product and their service.”
– Paul Vassallo, Schultz Miller

Rigor + transparency

“I hire Cascade Joinery again and again because I have a real level of comfort with them. They are real straight shooters and they know what they’re doing and they know what they’re talking about.”
– Hamish Anderson, Hamish Anderson Custom Homes Inc

The company we keep

We believe in community, environmental responsibility and the potential of the built environment to positively influence the world that we all co-create. We are proud to support these crucial organizations and programs.

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