A 9,550-square-foot waterfront residence combining the beauty of live timber with the stability of engineered wood. The house features a central core of double-height spaces between inner and outer courtyards with flanking wings. Columns and beams were made from grain-matched, glued and laminated Douglas fir timbers.

Our Part

  • Material supply, shop drawings, prefabrication, and installation of the structural post-and-beam system for walls and roof.

  • Custom-fabricated connection package in HDG and stainless steel, including 300+ pieces in multiple configurations with bolt sets as required.

  • 457 pieces of custom laminated grain-matched glulam timbers, totaling over 42,000 board feet.

  • Project Partners

  • ARCHITECT: Smith Associates , Boseman, MT
  • GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Schultz-Miller, Seattle, WA
  • ENGINEER: Swenson Say Faget, Seattle/Tacoma, WA
  • Interested in the story behind this project and how it was constructed? We’re eager to share more.