This island home off the coast of Victoria is nestled deep in the forest, with sweeping views of blue water. The guest house and “game shack” pictured here are two of multiple buildings connected by wooden boardwalks, which combine with floor-to-ceiling windows and an all-wood interior to blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

Our Part

  • 109 pieces comprising rafters, blocking, and fascia

  • Shop drawings for review and approval
  •   Prefabrication

  • Douglas Fir 24F-V8 Architectural Appearance Grade glulam beams: 2,2279 linear feet + 693 linear feet Premium Structural Grade.

  • Prefinishing, Sherwin Williams Woodscapes: one coat semi-transparent stain; one coat clear base, not tint

  • Project Partners

  • ARCHITECT: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Seattle, WA
  • GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Hoxie Huggins, Seattle, WA
  • ENGINEER: PCS Structural Solutions, Seattle, WA
  • Interested in the story behind this project and how it was constructed? We’re eager to share more.